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Call City of Franklin Tax Collector, Daniel Reetzke, if you have any questions trying to pay tax bills online (270)482-5524.



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Office hours are 8 AM until 4:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday

Franklin City property tax bills are mailed and due one time per year, usually in October. Simpson County Property Valuation Administrator or PVA (270-586-4261) prepares property assessments, and per Kentucky Revised Statutes, the property owner for a particular tax year determined by owner of record filed in the county clerk deed office as of January 1. When property sold and recorded after January 1, the owner of record will be the seller who will be ultimately responsible for payment of tax. Subsequent to certification of the assessments by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet, the Franklin City Commission determines the City rates for that tax year by using a formula set by the State. Tax bill issue, penalty and delinquent dates vary each year. The face amount of the bill is due immediately upon issue of bill, with 10% penalty added approximately thirty days after the bills are mailed and6% late payment fee levied on or about 90 days after bill mail date. Delinquent proceedings initiated approximately 120 days after bill mail date, including possible sale of tax liens and liens filed at the County clerk’s office.

This office does accept postmark as proof of timely payment when assessing penalties. Our office does NOT furnish original tax bills to anyone other than the addressee as furnished to us by the PVA. Records in the City Tax Office are access by tax year owner’s name, taxed property address or PTID (property tax identification number) which is NOT the same as the map number.

INFORMATION FOR THIRD PARTY OR ESCROW PAYERS: Escrow holders may wish to request the property owner forward their bill directly to them, as the City does not send original bills to anyone but owner of record. Our office now has the ability to send an electronic copy of the billing register; fee is $100 and received before document transmitted. Duplicate tax bills may be requested as an open record; the current commercial charge is $1.00 per image and research costs may apply; please contact our office for the appropriate forms. Homeowners may request additional copies at 10 cents per image. The City will accept, at no extra charge, substitute tax bills or master payment lists which include information necessary to positively identify the payment; information useful to identify property include: Current Tax Payer Name, Legal Address of Taxed Property, PTID Number, Map Number. If property sold after January 1 of the tax year, the Tax Payer will be the former owner.

Companies or individuals paying multiple accounts should include our bill number, amount to apply to each account, tax owner of record and address or description of property, and if a receipt desired, include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. A current contact phone number and return address is helpful in the event of unidentified payment. To insure proper and timely credit, please limit payments to no more than five accounts per check.

Our policy is to receipt payments on the oldest unpaid bills first; with refunds returned to the original payer if insufficient information is included to identify the payee. Duplicate payments amounting to more than $10 returned to the payer; if the taxpayer of a duplicate fee can be identified and amount is $10 or less, the amount will be applied to the tax account indicated and appear as a credit on the account. Our office will return to sender any payment on which we cannot definitely identify the intended taxpayer.

Further information obtained by contacting Franklin City Hall. We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts to keep the City of Franklin, KY tax office operating efficiently for all customers.