We can’t just flush it and forget it! In fact, there is over sixty-five miles of sewer mains underneath city streets that transport the waste to our wastewater treatment plant. All size pipes are used from a thirty-six (36) inch down to a six (6) inch line. Gary Graves is the Field Supervisor over the Wastewater Collections Department and is responsible for all the sewer mains, thirteen (13) lift stations, making new taps on residential as well as commercial customers. This crew is usually the first one to respond when a customer has a problem with their sewer. 

City of Franklin Sewer Availability Form

Graves, Gary
Gary Graves
Field Supervisor
Date of employment -
July, 2002
Moore, Randy
Randy Moore
Equipment Operator
Date of employment -
July, 2005
Sam Shannon
Service Maintenance
Date of employment - April, 2021