Wastewater Treatment

wastewater-treatment_0If you take a closer look, it's probably not what you would expect! Our facility is defined as an "Extended Aeration System". It is a system whereby microscopic organisms (we fondly call them bugs) break down all the organic material(food) and ultimately cleans up the water.

The main goal for the treatment is to keep the microbiology system happy and healthy. We do that by supplying air, nutrients and food (organic material) in the right proportions. Our laboratory services make sure that the plant process stays within design parameters by running a series of tests each day.

The Pretreatment Department is responsible for overseeing all the permitted industries and makes sure that nothing will be discharged from their facility that could adversely affect our plant. Control of biosolids is the key to good operation and treatment. We utilize a Two (2) Meter Belt Filter Press for just that purpose. You may be asking yourself just how does this wastewater from all over town make its' way to the plant. Well, it does so by traveling through parts of over 65 miles of pipe (sewer main).

The Collection's Department  is responsible for maintenance of this collection system. Every once in a while, we run into a little problem on one of the sewer mains. That is when we call up our TV Video Inspection System  to help us out. There is really more here than meets the eye.  Come by and see us sometime; we'll be glad to show you around.