Historic Preservation Committee

Working to preserve Franklin's history 

In April 2018, the Franklin City Commission created a historic preservation committee to monitor and protect the buildings in the Downtown Historic District. In 2022, the district was expanded to include West Cedar St. to McClendon Lane, South College Street to Yokley Drive, an area east of downtown to the railroad tracks, North Main St. to North St. and South to Scottsville Road. The committee must approve any repair, restoration, or rehabilitation work on a building in the designated district before construction or projects begin. The committee meets multiple times per year to evaluate new applications and works with property owners to find solutions to restoration projects. The City also created property assessment and reassessment tax moratoriums to encourage the upkeep of historic buildings.

The following individuals serve on the Historic Preservation Committee

Jill Broderson, term expiring April 30, 2026
Lee Ross Dinwiddie, term expiring April 30, 2026
Larry Dixon, term expiring April 30, 2027
Mac Donaldson, term expiring April 30, 2025
Susan Hughes, term expiring April 30, 2025  
Kim Roberts, term expiring April 30, 2027
Patrick Craddock, term expiring April 30, 2027
Tammie Carey - Ex-Officio Member