Code Enforcement

Moe Hillard
Code Enforcement Officer
Date of employment -  
October, 2022 


Code Enforcement strives to safeguard the health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of Franklin Kentucky by actively upholding property maintenance requirements. By identifying and inspecting unsafe, unsanitary and substandard housing, and nuisance property this division shall maintain, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in our city.


The objective of Code Officials is to achieve compliance in our neighborhoods through education, outreach, community involvement and enforcement.

There are at least two private firms located in Franklin that will not charge to remove “junk” cars. They are Baucom's Automotive, located at 520 North Court Street, phone 270-586-7111, and Jimmy’s Auto Salvage located at 2170 Nashville Road, phone 270-586-8272.

Debris and rubbish should be properly contained and many items can be picked up by the city garbage collection. For information concerning items that will be picked up, please contact Scott Waste Services at 270-783-4016.

Large items can be disposed of at the convenience center located on Ditmore Ford Road. For more information please call 586-7788.

Common Violations

Yard Sales

All yard sales are required to have a free permit. No property is permitted to have more than three sales per year.


This includes auto parts, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles, old appliances, food waste, recyclable materials, and other trash. 

Overgrown Grass

Property owners are responsible for ensuring grass and weeds are no more than 10 inches high.

Rodent Harborage

Structures and property must be kept free of rodent infestation. Infestations must be abated in a safe manner.


Temporary signs are NOT allowed in right of ways. Sign permits may be applied for at Planning and Zoning.


No tires should be stored outdoors unless at permitted businesses. Scott Waste will not pick up tires.

Parking in Yards

All motorized vehicles must be parked on an approved parking surface. No vehicles may be parked on grass.

Trash Containers

Trash containers must have a tight-fitting lid and must be stored beside the home until the day before pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find ordinances?

Ordinances may be found at City Hall, or through our Online Portal.

What happens after I make a Code Enforcement Complaint?

The Code Officer will contact the complaintant to fully understand the issue or let them know the status. An inspection will be make to determine if a violation requires a Notice of Violation to be sent to the property owner.
How much time is given to correct violations?

Different violations may have different time frames for compliance. Nonstructural violations are typically given 10 days from the Notice of Violation. Structural violations are typically given 30 days from the Notice of Violation.
What if a violation is not corrected in time?

The Code Officer may make allowance for extra time if the property owner is actively working towards compliance. Citations may be issued up to three times before daily fines accrue. Unpaid fines and remediation costs will be liened against the property.
I received a Notice of Violation, but I see other people with the same of worse violations?

Code Enforcement is an ongoing effort. Once a complaint is filed with Code Enforcement, the process of remediation begins. Violations that have not been reported to Code Enforcement may not have begun this process.

How do I file a complaint or contact the Code Officer?

During normal business hours, the Code Officer can be reached at 270-772-0127 or via email at at any time.