City Water Treatment Plant provides water to SCWD

On Saturday Water Distribution ReleaseDec. 9, The City of Franklin Water Treatment Plant received a call from the Warren, Simpson, Butler Water District (WSB) with a request to provide 1.5 million gallons daily of water for the Simpson County Water District area in response to the severe weather. The district receives water from the White House, Tennessee water plant where the majority of Simpson County Water District receives its water. The White House plant went offline when the storms moved into the area. The connection between the two water districts was located south of town.

Water Distribution Engineer Kenny Massey, alongside the City Water distribution staff, assisted Simpson County Water District personnel with the connection. City of Franklin Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Johnie Skipworth scheduled staff to run additional hours per day during the supplemental water request. The water district stopped pumping water on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

The city and the Water Treatment staff have procedures in place in case of unexpected events when additional water assistance is needed in the area.

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