Protecting Your Drinking Water

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) passed a revision to the Lead Copper Rules, requiring that every public water system identify the possibility of any lead lines. Our distribution team is working to build an inventory of all service line material within the City. Our team must verify if lead service lines exist in our distribution system. We can confirm the materials of service lines through records review, customer verification, and visual identification. 

The City’s drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves our treatment plants. The risk of lead entering the drinking water comes from corrosion of plumbing materials made with lead. This includes pipes buried in the ground, home plumbing, solder, and fixtures. To ensure excellent water quality, The City of Franklin implements corrosion control strategies to maintain high-quality water as it travels through pipes. The City’s Water Treatment technicians also conduct over 90 daily tests to ensure the City of Frankin’s drinking water is safe. The City of Franklin Water meets all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for lead under the Lead and Copper Rule, and lead is rarely found in source water. 

Our staff will continue to check service lines across our distribution system to visually verify if lead service lines exist to complete the EPA requirements for the Lead Copper Rules Revision; therefore, you may notice our distribution crews investigating service lines in your area. The City takes pride in our water quality, and we are on track to complete all the EPA requirements earlier than the deadline of October 2024. 

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